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Arctic permafrost thawing quicker than before and sea ice melting fast: NOAA report.

Permafrost in the Arctic is thawing faster than ever, according to a new report released Tuesday.Water is also warming and sea ice is melting at ...

- The Japan Times - JP

Warming of the Arctic is 'unprecedented over the last 1,500 years,' scientists say.

The document appears to contradict some Trump administration statements on climate change.

- Washington Post - US

Federal scientists call the warming of the Arctic 'unprecedented over the last 1,500 years'.

The Trump administration's mixed views on climate change notwithstanding, a group of federal scientists on Tuesday released a stark report on the warming at the top of the planet, suggesting that it is unparalleled in more than a millennium. "The Arctic is going through the most unprecedented transition...

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Recent Arctic warming and ice melt are 'unprecedented' in human history.

Each year for the past 12 years, an international team of scientists have issued a "report card" on the Arctic climate system. The report amounts to a physical exam of the vast, rapidly changing region, including details on everything from surface air temperatures to sea ice melt and permafrost loss. With each passing ...

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Warming, melting Arctic is 'new normal' .

An increasingly warm Arctic, where temperatures rise twice as fast as the rest of the planet and ice melts at an alarming pace is the "new normal," warned a global scientific report Tuesday.

- PhysOrg - NL

Arctic report card: Permafrost thawing faster than before.

NEW ORLEANS — A new report finds permafrost in the Arctic is thawing faster than ever before.The annual report card released Tuesday also finds water is warming and sea ice is melting at the fastest pace in 1,500 years at the...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Green cash, carbon tax: What to expect at Paris climate meet.

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting an international summit Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of the Paris climate agreement, hoping to inject the pact with new energy after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from it. The accord reached two years ago set goals for slowing the ...

- SFGate - US

Arctic scientists battle cancelled expedition, expiration of federal funding.

Researchers consider alternatives after Coast Guard decides to keep vessel closer to home

- The Globe and Mail - CA

Green Cash, Carbon Tax: What to Expect at Paris Climate Meet.

French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting an international summit Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of the Paris climate agreement, hoping to inject the pact with new energy after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from it. The accord reached two years ago set goals for slowing the rate of ...

- Voice of America - US

What everybody got wrong about that viral video of a starving polar bear.

Dubbed the 'Face of Climate Change,' a starving polar bear photographed in Canada's Arctic might have nothing to do with climate change

- National Post - CA

Climate Change Is Erasing Human History.

UTQIAĠVIK, ALASKA—On a crumbling heap of thousand-year-old garbage overlooking a leaden sea, Anne Jensen shakes her head disapprovingly. A gust of Arctic air whips her hair around her face as she scrutinizes the beige house perched sixty feet above us, atop an Iñupiat archaeological site that's fast eroding into the…

- Gizmodo - US

How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe

For millennia, the Beaufort Gyre — a massive wind-driven current in the Arctic Ocean — has been regulating climate and sea ice formation at the top of the world. Like a giant spinning top, the gyre corrals vast amounts of sea ice. Trapped in this clockwise swirl, the ice has historically had more time to thicken than it ...

- ENN - US

The devastating beauty of Greenland's melting ice

Greenland is melting. The autonomous Danish island, located in the Arctic, is 80 percent ice. Its massive sheet of frozen water — about 660,000 square miles across and two miles thick at its highest point — is the second largest body of ice in the world, built up from snowfall dating back to the last ice age, some ...

- The Week - US

Arctic sea ice loss and the Eurasian winter cooling trend: Is there a link?

Observations of Arctic sea ice have shown that it has been melting at a fast pace over the last few decades. However, what is more uncertain and presently a subject of debate is how these sea ice changes might be impacting weather patterns in non-Arctic regions. One particular topic of interest has been the recent cooling ...

- PhysOrg - NL

Projected winter Arctic sea-ice decline coupled to Eurasian circulation

Arctic sea-ice cover will diminish rapidly under global warming, but its rate of retreat in boreal winter shows large intermodel differences across the models involved in Phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project . When a model simulates a larger sea-ice decline, how does the circulation outside the Arctic ...

- PhysOrg - NL

More Arctic Boat Traffic Could Really Stress Out Narwhals

You know that feeling when you're under severe stress—your heart begins to race and your mouth gets dry? Well, animals experience their own forms of that, too. And researchers are worried about how narwhals, the so-called unicorns of the sea, will deal with the stress that'll accompany the loss of sea ice in their…

- Gizmodo - US

On Washington: How Arctic Drilling, Stymied for Decades, Made Surprise Return in Tax Bill

Advocates of oil exploration in an Alaska wildlife refuge are taking advantage of the special rules of the tax debate to charge toward victory.

- New York Times - US

Putin Inaugurates $27 Billion LNG Arctic LNG Plant

Russian President Vladimir Putin has inaugurated a $27 billion liquefied natural gas plant on the Yamal Peninsula above the Arctic Circle, part of a joint project of Russian, French, and Chinese companies. Putin watched at the port of Sabetta as the first gas shipment was loaded onto an ice-breaking tanker. The plant, ...

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Liquefied gas proving to be a natural for energy firms

The world's energy companies are being increasingly enticed by liquefied natural gas, thanks to an expected rise in global demand and the fuel's flexibility when compared to costly, long-term pipeline projects. France's Total, which holds a 20 percent stake in the Yamal project that went on line in the Russian Arctic on ...

- Yahoo! News - US

'Scene that still haunts me': Video of starving polar bear goes viral

The polar bear can barely walk through an Arctic landscape almost void of ice. The photographer has said his team members were "pushing through their tears" to film the scene.

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Starving polar bear captured on video rummaging through trashcan

Video footage captured in Canada's Arctic region showing a starving wild polar bear roaming around dry land looking for food has offered a devastating glimpse of the impact climate change is having …...

- The Raw Story - US

Warming Arctic, Drier Regions and Wildfires: Is There a Link?

A new report from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory predicts a link between sea ice melting in the Arctic and drier conditions in California over the next several decades. This finding comes at a time when several wildfires are raging across Southern California. VOA's Elizabeth Lee reports on the work of scientists as ...

- Voice of America - US

Warming Arctic, Drier Regions, and Wildfires: Is There a Link?

Many scientists believe the Arctic, one of the fastest-changing places on the planet, could drive change in other parts of the world, including wildfire-ravaged Southern California. In a recent NASA mission called Oceans Melting Greenland , climate scientist Josh Willis embarked on a journey to study ice in Greenland and ...

- Voice of America - US

Mexico Cancels Deepwater JV Tender Due To Lack Of Interest

Mexico's oil regulator canceled on Thursday an auction slated for January 31 for a joint venture with state oil company Pemex in a deepwater area containing super light crude oil, because no company had expressed interest in the tender. The auction—this time a farm-out auction—is the second oil auction to fall flat of ...

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The Energy 202: 'Large and unprecedented' Alaska oil sale falls flat as Congress readies Arctic refuge drilling

The market for land in Alaska might not be as strong as some think.

- Washington Post - US

Eni Can Restart Production At Arctic Goliat Oilfield -Norway Regulator

Italian oil firm Eni receives permission to restart production at its Goliat oilfield in the Arctic Barents Sea.

- - US

Oil Drillers Give Cold Shoulder To Alaska Bidding Round

U.S. officials said a lease sale including newly offered lands from Arctic Alaska for oil drilling did not draw very many bids, according to a Reuters report. Seven bids were received in total, encompassing roundly 80,000 acres, which translates to less a percent of the 10.3 million acres made available in the state's ...

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Russia launches giant Yamal gas project in the Arctic

Russia launches Friday its Yamal gas plant in Arctic Siberia, a gigantic project in one of the world's most remote areas, as the region becomes more accessible due to climate change.

- PhysOrg - NL

Stressed-Out Narwhals Don't Know Whether To Freeze Or Flee, Scientists Find

After being caught in a net, narwhals appear to get confused about what to do. Researchers say the whales' befuddlement could provide clues about how they will adapt to a changing Arctic.

- NPR - US

Selling this cherished Arctic landscape to the highest bidder is a grievous mistake

Selling this cherished Arctic landscape to the highest bidder is a grievous mistakeBy Trip Van Noppen | Thursday, December 07, 2017 The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge HILLEBRAND / U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE A version of this piece first appeared as an op-ed in The Guardian. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the ...

- Earthjustice - US

Russia launches giant Yamal gas project in the Arctic

Russia launches Friday its Yamal gas plant in Arctic Siberia, a gigantic project in one of the world's most remote areas, as the region becomes more accessible due to climate change.Russia's privately...

- Expatica - NL

Which is more blue, Arctic sealing or the EU seal ban?

The EU advocates for Blue Economy, the new framework for the sustainable growth in the marine sector. Does Arctic sealing, a traditional activity widely condemned by the EU and others, actually qualify as a component of the blue economy?

- EurActive - UK

Arctic fishing, robot explorers and Chinese medicines

The week in science: 1–7 December 2017.

- Nature - UK

Republicans are using some very shaky math to justify drilling in the Arctic refuge

The Congressional Budget Office said drilling would raise $1.1 billion for the government over the next decade, but it's going to be less than a fifth of that.

- Grist Magazine - US

Alaskan Oil Lease Sale Brings Few Bids Despite Vast Territory Offered

An oil-and-gas lease sale that raised concerns with environmentalists due to the vast amount of acres offered in Arctic Alaska drew few bids on Wednesday, government officials said. Seven bids were received, covering about 80,000 acres - or less than 1 percent of the 10.3 million acres offered in the National Petroleum ...

- Voice of America - US

Statoil Plans $6B Development At Huge Arctic Oil Field

Norway's oil major Statoil submitted to authorities on Tuesday the plan for developing and operating the Johan Castberg oil field that is expected to take capital expenditures of US$5.89 billion and become the northernmost oil field development on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Recoverable resources at Johan Castberg ...

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How China and Russia are Teaming up to Degrade U.S. Influence in South America

Todd Royal Security, Americas China wants secure routes for its goods and Russia wants to be a global influencer by using Russian oil companies and state-run banks as a credit line to struggling South American nations. A July 2017 meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia ...

- The National Interest - US

From the Arctic’s Melting Ice, an Unexpected Digital Hub

The receding ice has opened new passageways for high-speed internet cables. Point Hope, a gravel spit in northwest Alaska, is along one of the new routes.

- New York Times - US

Greenland prepares for Brexit - and possible independence

The Arctic country is trying to adapt its economy and society to Brexit, climate change and possible independence from Denmark, fisheries and hunting minister Karl-Kristian Kruse told EUobserver.

- EU Observer - EU

The wave is rolling!

As the People vs. Arctic Oil Trial comes to an end, the battle against climate change continues in courtrooms around the worldAfter seven days of court hearings, the People vs. Arctic oil trial has come to an end. We expect a judgment during the first weeks of January 2018.This is our chance to take a look at what happened ...

- Greenpeace - INT

Conservationists Face Once-Remote Prospect in Arctic Drilling Fight: Defeat

A measure to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration is before Congress. Similar efforts have failed in the past, but this time drilling advocates have cause for optimism.

- New York Times - US

100 Days in the Arctic

Amy MartinSeason two of Threshold takes listeners to the homes, hunting grounds, and melting coastlines of Arctic peoples, where climate change isn't an abstract concept, but a part of daily life.

- Pulitzer Center - US