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Over half of trenching along TAP route complete in Greece, Albania.

Over 50 percent of trenching along the route of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline in Greece and Albania has been completed, TAP AG consortium said on its Twitter page.

- AzerNews - AZ

VIDEO: Albanian "Thailand" Attracts Hundreds of Tourists.

Unexplored nature, azure waterways and the many opportunities for adventure have recently turned the Shala river valley into one of the tourist hotspots in the Albanian Alps.

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Europe facing 'explosive cocktail' in its backyard, report warns.

"Europe is possibly facing an explosive cocktail of political and financial meddling in its backyard," warns a new report on Geo-economic Implications of China's New Silk Road by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. It recommends that the EU increases influence over its neighbourhood, particularly mentioning Serbia, ...

- EU Observer - EU

The Albanian Prime Minister Urged Serbia to Recognize Kosovo as a Sovereign Country.

The Prime Minister of Albanie, Edi Rama declared that the resolution of the disputes around Kosovo is 'complete recognizing of The Republic of Kosovo from Serbia'. This was reported by Radio B92 citing an intervirw of the Albanian Prime Minister to the Belgradian newspaper Blic. However, Rama adds that if he puts himself in ...

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Albania Wants no Unification with Kosovo.

Solution to Kosovo problem is simple: Serbia must fully recognise the Republic of Kosovo, but being in Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's shoes, I am aware that saying it is easier than doing it, said Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Gazeta Express writes.I respect the initiative of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ...

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TAP positively affects Albania's construction sector.

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'My plan removes causes for war between Serbs and Albanians'.

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says his proposal about "delineation" in Kosovo and Metohija will eliminate "the causes for war" between Serbs and Albanians. He reiterated that Serbia will "never recognize the unilateral independence of Kosovo."

- B92 - SK

'Solution to Kosovo problem is Serbia's recognition'.

Edi Rama says he "respects" Aleksandar Vucic's initiative to hold "an internal dialogue on Kosovo and thus directly and unconventionally face the past." In an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Blic, quoted by Beta on Tuesday, the Albanian prime also pointed out that solving the Kosovo issue was "in the interest of all, ...

- B92 - SK

Albanian PM Rama Praises Vucic's Kosovo Initiative.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he was "moved" by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's resolve to launch an 'internal dialogue' in Serbia about Kosovo.

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Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla's Torture Sentence Reduced.

Kosovo Liberation Army ex-fighter Xhemshit Krasniqi, who was convicted of abuse and torture at detention camps in Kosovo and Albania, had his prison sentence reduced on appeal to seven years.

- Balkan Insight - UK

Albania Tourism Cautiously Invites Visitors But Is Mindful About Overtourism.

Eager to welcome tourists but mindful of the perils of overtourism, Albania hopes it can attract tourists to its more remote villages. -Deanna Ting

- Skift - US

Project aims to attract tourists to remote Albanian villages

NIVICA, Albania " High in the mountains of southern Albania, a bone-jarring drive along a rough track with switchbacks frequented more by goats than by cars leads to a cluster of small villages where time appears to have stood...

- The New Zealand Herald - NZ

Serbian FM Suggests 'Compromise' Solution for Kosovo

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said he had a compromise proposal for dividing up what belongs to Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo in order to normalise relations and avoid conflict.

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Project aims to attract tourists to remote Albanian villages

High in the mountains of southern Albania, a bone-jarring drive along a rough track with switchbacks frequented more by goats than by cars leads to a cluster of small villages where time appears to have stood still for decades.

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Why Macedonians need their own protector

If Macedonia doesn't make it into the EU, it is not difficult to envision a future where the country ends up being picked apart by a variety of pressures from Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece, in some unknown combination.

- Stars and Stripes - US

Dacic to discuss his 'Kosovo delimitation idea' with Vucic

vica Dacic believes it is possible that "the nervousness triggered by his delimitation proposal" concerning Kosovo is "the best indicator which way to go." "It is good that dialogue about Kosovo has been initiated and that different ideas are being heard. Interestingly, and the president has noted it, too, so far only my ...

- B92 - SK

Court to reconsider extradition of G. Albania drone operator

The Croatian Supreme Court has ordered a first-instance court in the town of Dubrovnik to reconsider the decision to extradite Ismail Morina to Serbia. The decision has been published on the website of the court.

- B92 - SK

Kosovo Albanians, Serbs Fear for Trepca Mine's Future

Kosovo Albanian and Serb workers at the giant Trepca mining complex have a pessimistic outlook about the future of the mine because of its financial troubles and disputes between Pristina and Belgrade.

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Kosovo Albanian Detained for War Crimes Against Albanians

A Kosovo court remanded Agim Sahitaj in custody after prosecutors accused him of operating alongside Serbian forces to attack, kill, rob and expel Kosovo Albanian villagers during the war in 1999.

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Migrant minors missing amid alleged 'Albanian' fraud

5,190 missing and a boom in organized trips from Tirana


'Two biggest nations in Balkans should build peace'

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday morning that as far as dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is concerned, "nothing is finished." "I cannot talk about something that's over, but I can talk about something important for the future of Serbia. If we can do it - and I know that there are small prospects, I ...

- B92 - SK

Albanian Work-Life Balance a Big Draw for Expats

Several foreigners living and working in Albania never intended to remain for very long…

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