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Ukraine offers military equipment to the Philippines.

Ukrainian defense export agency said this week that it was in discussions with the Philippines to expand defense cooperation. The development illustrates Kyiv’s continued interest in expanding into ASEAN markets and the Philippines in particular given the country’s recent alignment shifts, according to Tribune ...


Is ASEAN Enabling North Korea?.

An analysis of their trade flows suggests so.

- The American Interest - US

Asean stocks soft as Opec-led supply cut extension disappoints.

Southeast Asian shares ended flat to lower on Friday tracking weakness in Asian peers after an Opec-led decision to extend output cut fell short of expectations, triggering a sell-off in energy stocks.

- BangkokPost - TH

'India, China differences in RCEP offer opportunities for US'.

The differences between India and China inside the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership offer opportunities for the US which has withdrawn itself from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, American lawmakers have been told.RCEP is made up of the 10 ASEAN countries along with Japan, South Korea, Australia, New ...

- Deccan Herald - IN

US patrol sends signal to Beijing's claims in South China Sea – but how strong?.

Fifteen years ago, when China and the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations committed to establishing a code of conduct to govern actions in the South China Sea, the Paracel Islands were little more than a collection of rocks 138 miles off the coast of Vietnam. Last year, Beijing deployed anti-aircraft missiles ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Rodrigo Duterte Is Key to China's 'Post-American' Vision for Asia.

Richard Javad Heydarian Politics, Asia Dutertenomics' will require huge investment from abroad. Beijing is the perfect patron. The future of the Philippines is in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and in Asia,' declared Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte during his early May keynote speech at the World Economic ...

- The National Interest - US

Asean, partners to enhance cooperation in combating transnational crime.

Vientiane, May 25 Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and dialogue partners committed to enhance their cooperation efforts in combating transnational crimes in a bid to maintain security at and across borders in the region. The 17th Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime and its related meetings ...

- Yahoo! News - US

Trump calls North Korean leader a 'madman,' days before saying he'd be 'honored' to meet him.

Thomson ReutersDays before President Donald Trump said that he would be "honored" to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump appeared to be singing a different tune to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte during a private phone call in April. According to a confidential transcript obtained by The Washington ...

- Business Insider - US

Why China's Slick Strategy to Dominate the South China Sea Is Working.

Michael Vatikiotis Security, Asia And is unlikely to be challenged. A year ago, there were real fears that contested claims over tiny specks of coral in the South China Sea could spark a war in Southeast Asia involving China, the 10 ASEAN member states and the US. The risks greatly multiplied after a special tribunal ...

- The National Interest - US

Won't enter into a conflict with China, says Philippine President Duterte.

, May 23 :Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday made it clear that Manila does not have the cruise missile to hit China, and therefore, is focused on developing cooperation with China, ASEAN and Russia.Duterte, who will begin his official visit to Russia on Wednesday, said Manila will continue negotiations with ...

- Sify - IN

Asean DataView: China creating jobs in Malaysia — but low-skilled.

Chinese investments in Malaysia predominantly in construction

- Financial Times - US

South China Sea dispute - Long way ahead for China, ASEAN

China and ASEAN have recently agreed to a framework for a code of conduct aimed at preventing clashes in the South China Sea. But will it lead to a legally binding agreement that puts an end to the territorial dispute?

- Deutsche Welle - DE

PAT mulls bid for Asean freight hubs

The Port Authority of Thailand will compete in the bidding to build three freight stations worth 4.5 billion baht that will serve as Asean hubs to link freight transport between neighbouring countries.

- BangkokPost - TH

Opinion: Asean powers continue to arm-wrestle over China's nine-dash line and its potential abundance of resources, including the seaweed

Down in the weeds, beneath all of the high-level belt and road diplomacy in Beijing on May 14-15, my thoughts were turned to flammable ice and brown laminaria – otherwise known as sea kelp. The obvious connection – the small but sensitive matter of the South China Sea. Officials from China and the Association of ...

- South China Morning Post - HK

China and ASEAN Near a Code of Conduct?

China and ASEAN have taken another step toward an understanding on the South China Sea—and the U.S. appears to be missing in action.

- The American Interest - US

China, ASEAN Come to Agreement on a Framework South China Sea Code of Conduct

The framework appears to focus on general principles, with no agreement on binding rules just yet.

- The Diplomat - US

Philippines calls for 'gentlemen's agreement' between ASEAN, China on sea code

MANILA - Southeast Asian nations and China should start with a "gentleman's agreement" on the busy South China Sea waterway because no mechanism exists to legally enforce any deal, the Philippine foreign minister said on Friday.

- Reuters - US

China, ASEAN approve framework for South China Sea code of conduct

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have agreed on a draft framework for a code of conduct in the South China Sea in a bid to ease regional tensions over territorial disputes in the area. "We are pleased to announce that the senior officials have completed

- Jane’s - US

China, Asean agree on framework for S China Sea code of conduct

China’s foreign ministry says the talks had been candid and made positive achievements.

- Malaysiakini - MY

China and ASEAN Near A Code of Conduct?

China and ASEAN have taken another step toward an understanding on the South China Sea—and the U.S. appears to be missing in action.

- The American Interest - US

Can Duterte's Philippines Add Turkey and Mongolia to ASEAN?

The suggestion demonstrates an unsurprisingly poor understanding of the regional grouping and the complex choices it faces.  

- The Diplomat - US

Why ASEAN Can't Ignore the Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya crisis is not just an issue for Myanmar; it will impact security and economic trends throughout the region.

- The Diplomat - US

RCEP's Digital Trade Negotiations Remain Shrouded in Secrecy

From May 2-12, the Philippines hosted the 18th round of negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership , a TPP-like trade agreement covering ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and six partner countries – China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Access to the ...

- EFF - US

Duterte: Future of PH in Asean, Asia

DAVAO CITY—President Duterte on Tuesday emphasized the importance of forging economic ties with neighboring countries, saying that indeed the future of the Philippines is in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and in Asia.' The post Duterte: Future of PH in Asean, Asia appeared first on Inquirer News.

- Philippine Daily Inquirer - PH

What Was the First Special US-ASEAN Meeting Under Trump Really About?

An important recent engagement between the two sides was more than just about North Korea.

- The Diplomat - US

Trump reassures ASEAN, previews a broader Asia policy

Until recently, Southeast Asian countries were feeling a bit neglected by Washington. In its first 100 days, the Trump administration focused much of its attention on Northeast Asia—illustrated by high-level diplomatic visits to Tokyo and Seoul, and leadership summits at Mar-a-Lago where President Trump hosted Japanese ...

- Brookings - US

Time for ASEAN's Defense Ministers Meeting to Put Traditional Security on the Agenda

ADMM can wade into troubled waters by starting out discussions of "grey areas."

- The Diplomat - US

Can ASEAN Save the Mekong River?

As discussions continue, the future of one of the world's greatest rivers is as bleak as ever.

- The Diplomat - US

Where Are US-ASEAN Ties Headed in the Trump Era?

Will ASEAN-U.S. ties flounder in the Trump era as the United States' attention shifts to Northeast Asia?

- The Diplomat - US

The Real Challenge for US-ASEAN Relations Under Trump

Though the recent spurt of high-level engagement is welcome, this talk needs to be followed up by action.

- The Diplomat - US

The Truth About Duterte's ASEAN South China Sea Blow

Though the Philippine president has complicated things, focusing on this episode alone obscures more enduring challenges on the South China Sea question.

- The Diplomat - US

After Summit, ASEAN Remains Divided on South China Sea

Once again, there was little productive discussion of the China factor at the latest ASEAN gathering.

- The Diplomat - US

ASEAN and North Korea: Strange Bedfellows?

North Korea asked ASEAN to take its side against the United States.

- The Diplomat - US

ASEAN at 50: A New Test for Democracy in Southeast Asia

The aspects of the ASEAN Charter dealing with rights and democracy have been largely ignored.

- The Diplomat - US