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Anger over Mogadishu bomb attack boils over into streets

A red bandana becomes the symbol of protest in Mogadishu as Somalis protest at Saturday's bombing.

- BBC - UK

Anti-ISIS Syrian General Accused Of Killing U.S. Journalist Is Reported To Have Died

Issam Zahreddine reportedly died on the battlefield. The family of Marie Colvin, a celebrated U.S. war correspondent killed in Syria in 2012, has ...

- NPR - US

Putin talks like Russia's next president but stays silent on whether he'll run

The Russian leader used a major speech to list the Kremlin's grievances against the United States.

- Washington Post - US

As #MeToo reaches 'highest political levels,' #IDidThat stokes debate

Swedish Foreign Minister Wallström joined the #MeToo movement highlighting sexual violence against women saying she was assaulted at an EU meeting. ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

FBI Probes Chinese Businessman Linked to North Korean Trade

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a Chinese business owner who was linked to a ship found smuggling North Korean ...

- Wall Street Journal - US

120 arrested at anti-draft demonstrations

Anti-draft protesters riot, burn trash cans, and block roads in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Bnei Brak.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

George W. Bush just laid a major smackdown on Trumpism

George W. Bush doesn't talk much about politics in public. Which makes the speech he gave Thursday in New York City -- a point-by-point rejection of ...

- CNN Top Stories - US

Leaders of Venezuela's bruised opposition to travel abroad to denounce 'voting fraud'

CARACAS - Key members of Venezuela's opposition, divided and dispirited after losing gubernatorial elections over the weekend, will travel abroad to ...

- Reuters - US

Putin dials up anti-U.S. rhetoric, keeps mum on re-election

SOCHI/MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin launched one of his most stinging critiques of U.S. foreign policy on Thursday, listing what he called some of ...

- Reuters - US

Nasdaq Dubai welcomes listing of $200m bond by ICD

Nasdaq Dubai welcomes listing of $200m bond by ICD...


Eni Aluko racism affair lands English Football Association in crisis

After months of accusations, sackings and now government scrutiny, the Eni Aluko affair has come to a head, with the player's allegations of racist ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

WH chief of staff: I advised Trump on calls to soldiers' families

White House chief of staff John Kelly said Thursday he advised President Donald Trump on what to say before he called the families of the four fallen ...

- CNN Top Stories - US

What You Should Know About The U.S. In Niger

The U.S. military operation in Niger is among about 20 in Africa, part of the little-known U.S. Africa Command. The Pentagon is investigating why four ...

- NPR - US

Judge orders government to allow abortion for immigrant teen held in Texas

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the government to allow a pregnant 17-year-old immigrant, who was detained after entering the country illegally, ...

- - US

Suspecting Russian Meddling in ‘Brexit’ Vote, Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry

The Labour minister, Ben Bradshaw, points to new reports that question whether a major donor could have afforded the millions he gave to the campaign.

- New York Times - US

'We don't care that haredi politicians don't support us'

Organizer of violent Yerushalmi Faction protests promises that the disturbances will go on.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Ticket prices to see Pence in Colorado plummet because of low demand

Ticket prices to a Colorado Republican Party event featuring Vice President Mike Pence have plummeted due to a struggle to sell seats.

- UPI - US

Exclusive GoPro footage inside Raqqa conflict

Filmmaker Gabriel Chaim has been embedded with US-backed forces in Raqqa. He has been filming GoPro footage throughout his time there.

- CNN Top Stories - US

Togo protests: What is the way out of the crisis?

As unrest continues, Al Jazeera speaks to W Africa expert about the root of the crisis and possible scenarios forward.

- Al Jazeera - QA

IDF hits Syria after rocket lands in Golan

IDF responds to rocket fire from Syria which hit Golan Heights, destroying Syrian army position.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

FBI: 84 children rescued, 120 traffickers arrested in U.S. operation

The FBI rescued 84 children and arrested 120 sex traffickers this month in a nationwide effort called Operation Cross Country XI.

- UPI - US

How high-tech mapping could help save the Great Barrier Reef

New and old technologies reveal what's killing Australia's great marine wonder


With tears and song, China welcomes Xi as great, wise leader

BEIJING - Chinese officials on Thursday heaped praise on President Xi Jinping's political ideology, unveiled a day earlier at a key Communist Party ...

- Reuters - US

Report: UN promotes anti-Semitic, pro-terror groups

Human rights NGO issues stinging report showing how UN gives accreditation to anti-Semitic groups and groups which support terror attacks.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Taliban Kills 43 Afghan Soldiers in Attack on Military Base

At least 43 Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on an army base, officials said, as the resurgent militant group stepped up its assaults ...

- Wall Street Journal - US

Germany's domestic intelligence agency warns of 'IS' sympathizers

Germany's domestic intelligence agency says 'IS' sympathizers returning to the country could pose a security risk. The agency's head also warned of ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Turkey: Angela Merkel calls for reduced EU funds

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for the EU to cut funding for Turkey linked to its bid to join the bloc. While raising concerns about the ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Turkey detains Osman Kavala, prominent rights activist, at airport

Turkish police have detained prominent businessman and rights activist Osman Kavala for questioning. Kavala's lawyer said it was unclear what his ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

CIA chief says U.S.-Canadian couple held for five years in Pakistan

WASHINGTON - The head of the CIA said on Thursday a U.S.-Canadian couple kidnapped by Islamist militants in Afghanistan were held inside neighboring ...

- Reuters - US

Finding the right balance

How can we find the right balance between relying on help from above, and our own efforts?

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Iditarod dog sled team tests positive for Tramadol in drug doping test

A group of dogs has tested positive for the painkiller Tramadol after the gruelling Iditarod race in Alaska. The unnamed drug cheat has been given the ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

'River in the sky' to deliver heavy rain, snow to Pacific Northwest

An atmospheric river storm system is expected to bring high winds, heavy rain and a fleet of snow over the Pacific Northwest in the next few days.

- UPI - US

UK PM Theresa May: Citizens' rights 'first priority' as she heads to Brussels

May has sought to reassure EU citizens on their post-Brexit future. Her letter came as the EU and the UK are desperately seeking a breakthrough in ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

'Asterix and the Chariot Race': latest edition of classic comic series launches

The indomitable Gauls Asterix und Obelix are off again on a new adventure. Volume 37 takes the two best friends into the lion's den - to ancient ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

'The face of the Resistance': Internet gobsmacked after George W. Bush delivers 'remarkable' anti-Trump screed

George W. Bush on Thursday delivered a stunning address at his namesake presidential center, issuing a brutal takedown of Donald Trump without ever ...

- The Raw Story - US | DA-led coalition's woes continue in Nelson Mandela Bay

The balance of power in Nelson Mandela Bay has been put to the test after two former coalition members voted against the DA-led coalition in council.

- - ZA

Without clear answer from Catalonia, Spain set to trigger Article 155

Spain will move to impose direct rule over Catalonia on Thursday after the region's president, Carles Puigdemont, refused to abandon independence ...

- UPI - US

'A long way to go' in German coalition talks, liberal FDP says

BERLIN - There is a long way to go in talks on forming a new German coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives, a senior member of the ...

- Reuters - US

Report: Elite North Koreans occupying luxury condos in China

Young members of North Korea's elite are enjoying the good life in high-rise apartments in China.

- UPI - US

Scientists engineer proteins that caused obese animals to lose weight and lower cholesterol

As the U.S. obesity rate has galloped toward 40%, doctors, drug designers and dispirited dieters have all wondered the same thing: What if a pill ...

- - US

Trump gives his response to Puerto Rico 'a ten' , even as 28% of residents still lack drinking water

President Donald Trump on Thursday gave his own response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico glowing reviews, even though ...

- The Raw Story - US

Africa needs to double infrastructure investment: report

Africa needs to double infrastructure investment: report...


EU money can't push Syrian schoolkids over Turkey's language barrier

EU funds expanded education opportunities for Syrian refugees in Turkey, but lack of physical classroom space and language skills still pose ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

North Korea crisis gives boost to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before election

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his party are poised to win Sunday's election, quite a turnaround from his sinking popularity in recent months. ...


Hamas slams Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt

Terror organization blasts US Envoy Jason Greenblatt after he says Hamas must disarm, abide by Quartet decisions, recognize Israel.

- Arutz Sheva - IL

Opinion: Catalan nationalists transfixed on the past

Madrid is set to take action and limit Catalonia's autonomy. Barcelona still wants independence. DW's Barbara Wesel asks: What do the Catalan ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

Independence crisis intensifies as Spain prepares to strip Catalonia of local powers

Fear, anger and anxiety heightened on both sides of a secession divide as the Spanish government vowed Thursday to take the unprecedented step of ...

- Los Angeles Times - US

Poland diplomat: North Korean workers will leave

North Korean workers in Poland will not receive renewed work permits, a senior Polish diplomat said Thursday.

- UPI - US

Missouri court throws out $72M million verdict in Johnson & Johnson talc case

The Missouri Court of Appeals threw out a $72 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson.

- UPI - US

Will artificial intelligence change the future of music?

With the latest software now using artificial intelligence and algorithms to compose and produce music, will song creators be out of a job? Or will ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE