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7 dead, hundreds rescued and injured as quake rattles Taiwan

Rescuers in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan pulled out 221 people and three dead from a residential high-rise complex that collapsed when a ...

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Rough Seas, Harsh Winter, Border Limits Add To Migrant Woes

Rasul Orwani thought he had faced the worst after braving cold, rough seas in a rickety wooden boat to travel from Turkey to Greece, and then came the ...


Iran mocks Saudi Arabia's offer to send ground troops to Syria

The head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said on Saturday Saudi Arabia lacked the courage to go through with a plan to send ground troops to ...

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Twitter suspends 125,000 accounts for terrorism links

Social media site Twitter has suspended 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. Most of them were related to the self-declared ...

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Syrians flee to Turkish border as Aleppo assault intensifies

By Humeyra Pamuk ONCUPINAR, Turkey - Russian and Syrian government forces gained ground north of Aleppo on Saturday, intensifying an assault on ...

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3 confirmed dead in Taiwan quake; 123 rescued from toppled building

Three people including a 10-month-old baby have been confirmed dead after a 16-story residential tower block collapsed in the southern Taiwanese city ...

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LIVE scoring and interactive commentary of the English Premiership match between Manchester City and Leicester City.

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11 dead as magnitude-6.4 earthquake shocks Taiwan

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U.S job growth drops at eight-year low

US work gains slowed more than predicted in Jan, but surging wages and an unemployment rate at an eight-year low suggested the labor market recovery ...


North Korea 'moves up satellite rocket launch date'

North Korea has reportedly shortened the time frame for its planned long-range rocket launch, according to Japanese and South Korean officials. The ...

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Afghan interior minister close to quitting as crisis deepens: sources

By Hamid Shalizi KABUL - Afghan Interior Minister Noor-ul-Haq Olomi has offered his resignation to President Ashraf Ghani after mounting criticism of ...

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Which candidate wins the pop culture race?

Ann Marie AwadWASHINGTON, Feb. 5 -- Regardless of how you feel about President Barack Obama, his pervasiveness in pop culture is going to leave big ...

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40,000 flee as airstrikes hit Aleppo

The battle for Aleppo -- once Syria's commercial heart -- is intensifying, and video has surfaced appearing to show thousands of civilians streaming ...

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Taiwan earthquake topples buildings, leaving at least 11 dead and hundreds injured

Hundreds of Taiwanese firefighters and military personnel raced Saturday to rescue dozens of people trapped in collapsed buildings after a magnitude ...

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Taiwan quake kills at least 12, fells apartment block

TAINAN, Taiwan - A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan early on Saturday killing at least 12 people, most in a 17-storey apartment building that ...

- Reuters - US | Three believed to still be trapped following mine collapse - paramedics

Three people believed to still be trapped in the lamp room of the Lily Mine in Mpumalanga's Nkomazi area have still not been found, paramedics say.

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Unpaid And Angry, Some Chinese Workers Ditch Holidays To Protest

This year, labourer Fan Fu and 20 or so colleagues working on the Zixia Garden apartment complex in Hebei province have not joined China's legion of ...


North Korea brings forward rocket launch time frame, to from Sunday

TOKYO/SEOUL - North Korea may launch a rocket that it says will carry an earth observation satellite as soon as Sunday, after bringing forward and ...

- Reuters - US | 2 planes crash in mid-air, plunge into ocean off LA

Two small planes have collided in midair and plunged into the ocean off of Los Angeles harbour. There was no immediate word of any survivors, ...

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Former soldier stoned to death in Haiti clashes

There have been dramatic scenes on the streets of the Haitian capital, with anti-government protesters reportedly stoning an unarmed man to ...

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Al Qaeda claims responsibility for attack on U.N. base in Mali

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has claimed responsibility for Friday's deadly attack on a U.N. police base in the northern Malian city of Timbuktu, a ...

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Who Is Moscow's Favorite Among The U.S. Presidential Candidates?

The official line in Russia is that it doesn't matter who wins in November, since it won't change what the Kremlin sees as Washington's anti-Russia ...

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Iran mocks Saudi offer to send ground troops to Syria

Iran has already sent forces to Syria to back its ally President Bashar al-Assad in his country's five-year-old civil war.

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Taiwan quake kills at least 12, fells apartment block

By Faith Hung and Yimou Lee TAINAN, Taiwan - A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan early on Saturday killing at least 12 people, most in a 17-storey ...

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EU ministers want to buttress borders to stem migrant flow

European Union foreign ministers anxious to stem the flow of migrants coming through the Balkans on Saturday sought with their counterparts from the ...

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S. Africa: Search continues for 3 missing in mine collapse

BARBERTON, South Africa — A mine manager says rescuers are still searching for three people trapped underground after a collapse at a South African ...

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Parents of 'Jihadi Jack' Letts claim he has mental health condition and is not fighting for a terrorist group in Syria

The parents of Jack Letts, the young British man dubbed Jihadi Jack' after travelling to Syria, have said he is mentally ill. The 20-year-old has ...

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Oregon police officer shot and killed while serving a warrant

A police officer was shot and killed in western Oregon when he attempted to serve a warrant on a male suspect on Friday, local media and police said. ...

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What Iranians think of their sanctions-free reality

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Dallas police open criminal investigation against NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel for domestic abuse

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is the subject of a criminal investigation regarding a domestic violence complaint, Dallas police ...

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Austria's finance minister asks EU to cover costs of additional migrants

VIENNA - Austria's Finance Minister Hans-Joerg Schelling has asked the European Commission to provide 600 million euros to cover the costs of taking ...

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Iran Mocks Saudi Arabia Offer To Send Ground Troops To Syria

The head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said today that Saudi Arabia lacked the courage to go through with a plan to send ground troops to Syria, ...


Dalai Lama Greets People On Tibetan New Year

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today greeted people on the occasion of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, and passed on information about his ...


Reporter groped on live TV in Cologne

The city of Cologne, Germany, fell back into the spotlight of sexual assault this week, when its annual street Carnival kicked off.

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Pentagon releases photos of Afghan, Iraq prisoner abuses

The Pentagon released a small portion of photographs showing injuries suffered by detainees allegedly at the hands of US troops in Iraq and ...

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North Korea brings forward rocket launch time frame to Feb. 7-14

TOKYO - North Korea has brought forward a time frame for the launch of a rocket that it says will carry an earth observation satellite, to begin on ...

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The 'Bridge to Nowhere' Now Connects the United States and Mexico

On February 4, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and U.S. Secretaries of Homeland Security and Commerce are scheduled to inaugurate a new border ...

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Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the Moon, dead

He had an epiphany' in space that focused him on studying consciousness, physics and other mysteries.

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Will U.S. elect its first Jewish president?

CNN's Will Ripley asks people in Jerusalem's main market whether they support Bernie Sanders' run for U.S. President.

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Syria warns Saudis against incursion, says will be resisted

BEIRUT - Syria will see any incursion on its territory as an act of aggression, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Saturday, days after Saudi ...

- Reuters - US | Morris: The million dollar man

Proteas all-rounder Chris Morris will play for the Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2016 after they paid $1 million for his services in the latest player ...

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At least 13 dead, 100 missing as earthquake shakes Taiwan

Authorities in southern Taiwan say more than 100 people are still missing after a strong earthquake caused a high-rise residential building to ...

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Job Opening: Executive Assistant to the President

TNI Staff Jobs, The Center for the National Interest is currently seeking a well-organized, creative, flexible, career-oriented individual to serve as ...

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Strip club shooting leaves 1 dead

Gunfire erupted early Saturday morning inside a Tampa strip club, leaving one dead and seven injured as police hunted for answers.

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On Turkish side of border, Syrian refugees wait and worry

ONCUPINAR, Turkey - Tens of thousands of Syrians sought refuge in Turkey on Saturday, while those who have already made the crossing waited and ...

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Neighborhood Insecurity: Mexico's Resurgent Drug Violence

Ted Galen Carpenter Security, North America The turf wars that so plagued Mexico earlier in the twenty-first century show signs of returning. Just a ...

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Merkel urges better protection of EU external borders

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Saturday for better protection at the European Union's external borders in order to maintain the ...

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Is the US ready for a socialist president?

Dr Krissy Haglund does not care if she is labeled a socialist. Or an ideological purist . Or, indeed, any of the other epithets thrown at Americans ...

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