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Jared Kushner didn't disclose contact with a Russian mafia 'godfather' to Congress: report

President Donald Trump's aide and son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to disclose to Congress an event invitation by an alleged Russian mobster and ally ...

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Trump reconsidering elephant trophy ban reversal

President Donald Trump on Friday night halted the administration's plans to reverse a ban on importing big-game hunting trophies.

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Teen dead after rolling on to iPhone cable in her sleep

A 14-year-old girl has died after being electrocuted when she rolled on to a broken iPhone charging cable in her sleep.Le Thi Xoan, from Vietnam, was ...

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Trump bans Obama transgender bathroom memos

The Department of Justice will no longer issue guidance memos that had been used to create sweeping new rules, as when the Obama administration ...

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Allegations dividing GOP women as Roy Moore refuses to quit Alabama Senate race

Standing on the white marble steps of Alabama's Capitol, Kayla Moore surrounded herself with two dozen other women Friday to defend husband Roy Moore ...

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Tesla pulled a really fast one with its new Roadster

Tesla pulled a really fast one with its new Roadster...


U.S. Seeks to Bolster Saudi Arabia in Face of Expanding Iranian Threat

The Trump administration is looking at ways to quickly strengthen Saudi Arabia's missile defenses and disrupt the flow of advanced Iranian-made ...

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Nevada refuses Pfizer demand to return drugs state plans to use in execution

A Nevada prisons official said Friday the state is refusing pharmaceutical company Pfizer's demand to return a drug it manufactured and not use it in ...

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These Russian oligarchs are making Donald Trump rich

During the many government investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential elections, ...

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Trump postpones big-game trophy hunting decision after colossal backlash

On Friday evening, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would halt his decision to lift a ban on big-game hunting trophies, almost a ...

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North Korea squashes Trump's hopes for diplomacy

President Trump may want to be friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, but it seems Pyongyang may not feel the same. A North Korean official ...

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Cop's SUV careens onto sidewalk, killing two boys in Los Angeles County

Dropping to a knee, Luis Hernandez lit a small white candle and placed it beside a bed of flowers near the intersection where his little ...

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Latest in Middle East: Hariri won't go directly to Beirut after France visit: Lebanese MP

Party member says Hariri will have a 'small Arab tour'

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UAE- Tommy Fleetwood still fancies his chances

UAE- Tommy Fleetwood still fancies his chances...


Syria toxic gas inquiry to end after Russia again blocks U.N. renewal

UNITED NATIONS - An international investigation into who is to blame for chemical weapons attacks in Syria will end on Friday after Russia blocked for ...

- Reuters - US

Trump keeps ban on elephant trophies for now

US president Donald Trump caused controversy earlier this week when he announced the lift of the ban on elephant trophies. Perhaps prompted by the ...

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Televangelist Jim Bakker threatens viewers' grandkids with eternal damnation unless they buy his pancake mix

Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker stoked fears of presidential assassination while claiming that their grandchildren of his audience could face ...

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Japanese Yen Gains, Nikkei Slips On Report Of Trump Team Subpoena

Japanese Yen Gains, Nikkei Slips On Report Of Trump Team Subpoena...


How common is sexual assault in the US military?

Sexual assault rates in the U.S. military haven't changed much in the last two years, according to newly released data from the Pentagon. In the ...

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Indiana GOP councilman charged with 3 counts of child molestation after allegedly assaulting two ten-year-old girls

Republican Indianapolis city councilman Jeff Miller has been charged with three counts of child molesting, fondling or touching after two 10-year-old ...

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Iraqi forces recapture Rawa, last Islamic State-held town

Rawa's capture marks the end of Islamic State's era of territorial rule over a so-called caliphate that it proclaimed in 2014 across vast swathes of ...

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip to set royal marriage record

In their record-breaking lifetime of service, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh will no doubt have lost count of the toasts ...

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BOE's Carney Reassures Over Brexit Risks, Sterling Emboldened

BOE's Carney Reassures Over Brexit Risks, Sterling Emboldened...


Carl Bernstein blasts Fox News 'state media': 'People are not looking or interested in truth'

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein told Bill Maher during Friday's “Real Time,” made the argument that Americans are no longer interested ...

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'People in glass White Houses shouldn't throw stones': Jake Tapper calls out Trumps 'rank hypocrisy' on sexual misconduct

On Friday, CNN's Jake Tapper recapped the awkward statements made by President Donald Trump and the White House over the past week regarding sexual ...

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Bonn: UN conference closes with renewed urgency for greater ambition to tackle climate change

The United Nations Climate Change Conference wrapped up on Friday in Bonn, Germany, with delegations expressing a renewed sense of urgency and a need ...

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Google's algorithm is bringing fake news to searches about mass shootings

A Google engineer once dubbed those nasty, lie-filled conspiracy theories that pop up from time to time “evil unicorns.” Now, they've ...

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Trump's abysmal job approval drops for the third straight month in a row

President Donald Trump's approval rating dropped dramatically over the past three months in a poll that previously showed a much higher rating than ...

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White House defends Trump against past sexual misconduct allegations by saying he hasn't admitted doing anything wrong

Following an outpouring of sexual harassment and assault allegations made across industries and professions over the past several weeks, many critics ...

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Fentanyl drug requested for first-time execution use

An opioid at the heart of America's drug epidemic will be used for death row executions in Nevada if the state's Supreme Court approves the ...

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Can trophy hunting really help species survival?

When the US announced plans this week to allow the import of elephant trophies, global outrage echoed loud, and President Donald Trump soon put the ...

- Deutsche Welle - DE

China says will work with North Korea to boost ties as envoy visits

BEIJING/SEOUL - Traditional friendship between China and North Korea represents "valuable wealth" for their people, China said after its special envoy ...

- Reuters - US

Zimbabwe's ruling party to hold rally as anti-Mugabe tide rises

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe's own ruling ZANU-PF party wants him to step down and plans to hold a rally in Zimbabwe's capital Harare on Saturday ...

- Reuters - US

Underwater ruins of 3,000-year-old castle discovered

Researchers studying a vast lake in Eastern Turkey have unearthed the remains of a 3,000-year-old castle buried beneath its waters. Tahsin Ceylan, an ...

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Gubernatorial candidate loses campaign chief after 'disturbing and misguided' boast about bedding 50 women

Hours after Ohio judge and gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill bragged about bedding “approximately 50 very attractive females” in ...

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Security Council fails at fresh attempt to renew panel investigating chemical weapons use in Syria

For the third time in two days, the United Nations Security Council on Friday failed to adopt a resolution on the mandate of an international panel ...

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Italian doctor says the world's first human head transplant is 'imminent'

An Italian doctor has announced that he will soon perform the world's first human head transplant in China because medical communities in the United ...

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Russian UN leader trolls Nikki Haley on Twitter after he vetoed investigations into chemical weapons in Syria

Russian officials trolled the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Twitter after Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution that would have ...

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New UN funding to help sustain critical aid programmes for nearly 150,000 in Chad

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund – a pool of funding which supports critical relief operations in crises around the world ...

- UN - INT

Why did the White House just release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees?

The White House on Friday released an updated list of 25 potential Supreme Court nominees. There is no current vacancy on the Supreme Court, but the ...

- The Week - US

USD/JPY Weakness to Persist on Dovish FOMC Minutes

USD/JPY Weakness to Persist on Dovish FOMC Minutes...


Now, Mugabe's own party wants him to go

Ruling ZANU-PF party to hold rally after calling for Mr. Mugabe's resignation; Army appears to want a transition to former Vice-President Emmerson ...

- The Hindu - IN

Thousands 'Walk On' against diabetes in Abu Dhabi

Thousands 'Walk On' against diabetes in Abu Dhabi...


Argentine navy loses contact with submarine carrying 44

The Navy said that ships and aircraft were searching near the last known location of the ARA San Juan which had not been heard from since Wednesday


U.N. pleads for end of Yemen blockade or 'untold thousands' will die

Yemen has 7 million people on the brink of famine, but without the reopening of all ports, that number could grow by 3.2 million, U.N. officials say.

- Washington Post - US

Ivanka Trump, Italy's Aquazzura end 'Wild Thing' shoe lawsuit

Italian shoemaker Aquazzura Italia SRL has dismissed its lawsuit accusing Ivanka Trump of stealing the design of its “Wild Thing” ...

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NZ Dollar Falls, Yen Gains as Mueller Closes In on Trump Campaign

NZ Dollar Falls, Yen Gains as Mueller Closes In on Trump Campaign...


Antonio Ledezma, Venezuelan Opposition Leader, Flees to Colombia

His trip was a major embarrassment for President Nicolás Maduro, who has sought to silence opponents.

- New York Times - US

6.9-magnitude quake strikes Tibet

The quake struck Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture, located close to the Indian border.

- The Hindu - IN

Crimes of the Caliphate: Iraqi Shepherd Bears Witness to ISIS Massacre

As Iraq liberates the last territory from Islamic State, the country is starting to grapple with the extent of the group’s destruction.

- New York Times - US